Published on November nd, 2011

101 is the exclusive source for all things collegiate with a fresh, urban take. There’s no other place for the college student who, well, gets it.

Who is 101? 

By college students, but not strictly for them, 101 seeks to reach the demographic of age 18 – 29. They are undergraduates, grad students and young professionals. They are the arbitrators of what’s next, hip and edgy. They are making life long friends their freshman year, up until 3 a.m. reading Grey’s Anatomy and creating names for themselves at their new jobs. They are wired from caffeine and full from Top Ramen. They’re having a blast on Thirsty Thursdays only to be in class bright and early Friday morning. They’re upgrading their wardrobes with hefty new signing bonuses.  Just as 101, in college, is known as an entry-level course, our readers are just beginning their lives entering a new phase of adulthood.

Our tagline “Your break between classes,” denotes the mentality of our readers whose breaks are in fact, few. The college student’s mantra of work hard, play hard is seldom understood by many, but 101 embodies it. We cover everything from dating, health, travel and culture through fun angles and fresh point-of-views. Like our readers 101 seeks to not only follow the trends, but set them, to not merely be an opinion drone, but to add a different perspective to the conversation. More than a magazine, its a lifestyle-we just put in print.

Where you fit in.

Creative, witty, funny, fun, smart, original, self-starter and enthusiastic are qualities that come to mind when we think of what we want in a 101 staff member. A passion for magazines, writing, design, photography and our various sections is mandatory. Our first print issue of 101 was released in May of 2011 and she was only the beginning. We want staffers with the fervor to expand 101 beyond what anyone imagined the publication and website could be. Anyone is eligible to apply, as 101 is a national publication, we seek applicants from any campus and alum with any alma-mater. Check out our “Join Our Team Page” for more information!