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My Version of the Super Bowl: 5 Highlights of NYFW

New York Fashion Week commenced Sept 9. and wrapped up Sept. 17 after the Omicron variant of COVID-19 shut down Fall and Winter shows in February. For a fashion fanatic, watching designers, influencers, and celebrities take the streets of New York showcasing their highly-curated looks is like the Super Bowl. The neon colors, dramatic logomania, and innovative pop-ups capture the electrifying energy of the fashion scene as the world attempts to return to “normalcy.”

  1. Telfar’s Pop-up at Rainbow
Alana Matthew | 101 Magazine

Thousands gathered outside of a two-story Rainbow store in Brooklyn, New York on Sept. 11 hoping to get their hands on the most popular bag of the year: the Telfar bag. Telfar Clemens’ partnership with Rainbow, the originator of fast, grab-and-go fashion, is a perfect example of the designers’ commitment to accessibility. Each size and color of the “shopping bag” were made available inside the Fulton Street store. Telfar TV hosts along with ballroom dancers kept the crowd engaged while they waited for their turn to secure a “Bushwick Birkin.” Clemens further ignited his supporters, both in-line and on social media, when he announced that all bags will be available online on Sept. 23.

2. Julia Fox Sports a Student Designer at Parsons MFA Fashion Show

Alana Matthew | 101 Magazine

Major fashion players, including actress Julia Fox and designer Sergio Hudson, sat front-row at Parsons School of Design’s group show for their Master’s Program. Fox wore a perfectly crafted mermaid dress designed by a student who opened the show. I’m not sure if it’s the acrylic, skeletal-like bodice paired with the baby blue shimmery skirt that complimented the actress and socialite’s body a little too perfectly or the support of “what the kids are doing” amidst a jam-packed week of shows and events that resonate with my fashion-girl spirit. Julia Fox (literally) bodied this.

3. Coi Leray Emerging as a Fashion Week Star!

Coi Leray’s stylist, Matthew Mazur, clearly did his homework. Each look showcased a different side of the musician’s image. Since Leray emerged on the fashion scene, she’s made it a point to represent petite body types- each look did just that. The Y2K references underscored by the fur Giuseppe Zanotti boots, archive Juicy Couture top, and God Body Aura skirt were just the right mix of old and new. Even in the lowest of low-rise bottoms, Leray’s masculine, androgynous aesthetic is evident. The schoolboy vibe of the second look exemplified the rapper’s range. The fully LUAR look was fitting as she sat front-row at the Dominican brand’s Spring 2023 presentation. The gelled-down hair, Giuseppe loafer, and ruffle socks were reminiscent of a chic version of your adorable little brother’s Sunday’s best. 

4. Loewe Inflated Sunglasses Incorporated into StreetStyle

Loewe’s Inflated Sunglasses seemed to be a hit among fashion professionals. I’m excited to see how this daring, retro-futuristic trend manifests in clothing and other accessories, especially on HBCU campuses. The three shape options of the sunglass: cat-eye, oval, and rectangular, and the pigmented colors offer extreme versatility. I’m putting my money on these as a streetwear staple this season, similar to the Bottega Veneta Cyclone Sunglasses last season.

5. Theophilio’s Sophomore Collection

Edvin Thompson of Theophilio has maintained his hold on the fashion scene. After winning CFDA American Emerging Designer of the Year last year, the Jamaican-American designer had high expectations to live up to. His collection blew it out of the water. The bright colors, bedazzled logo mania, and flattering cuts again exemplified the world’s obsession with y2k fashion but still stayed true to the brand’s origin. You could feel the Caribbean roots of the designer in the Carnival theme of the show. The diverse range of models helped convey the young, hot, and fun vibe of the brand. If I could get the entire collection published, I would. Theophilio just proved it’s possible to reference past trends and still be original.

New York Fashion Week marks the beginning of Fashion Month each season. Designers, editors, and celebrities alike will return to New York for the Fall/Winter collections of 2023 in February. Let’s do this again soon.

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