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If you would like to pitch a piece to 101 . . . 

Please send your pitch to [email protected] with “PITCH” in the subject line.

Queries should be no longer than a page and explain your idea in detail (i.e., articles, video, audio, photos). Your query should also include contact information: your name, email, phone numbers and address along with the name of your college/university.

We will contact you about length and other terms once your query has been reviewed and accepted. Generally, briefs will be 250 words or less; departments, 500 to 700 words; and cover stories/special features, roughly 1,000 words or more. If you have already written an article that hasn’t been published elsewhere, please feel free to submit it for consideration along with a brief synopsis within the body of the email.

We also welcome photos, videos, audio and other multimedia.

Thank you for your interest in writing for 101.

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