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101 Magazine Presents ‘The MeccaMorphosis: The Evolution Issue’ Fall 2023

Jada Ingleton | 101 Magazine Howard University’s 2023 Homecoming “The Revival.” Captured by Phenix Halley

Hello, readers! My name is Jada Ingleton – I am a senior journalism major, psychology minor, proudly serving as your editor-in-chief for 101 Magazine! Welcome to The MeccaMorphosis!

Similar to the transformation period for your usual insect or amphibian, The MeccaMorphosis intends to highlight the evolution of The Mecca. With a book worth of stories that dive into student perspectives, rich history, and the traditional celebration of culture and excellence called ‘Homecoming,’ readers are in for a treat coupled with much time to reflect and refresh on the past fall semester.

Though homecoming week is usually the highlight of the fall for many students, the first 15 weeks of the school year is often filled with a list of exciting things to see and events worth talking about. Initially, we intended on producing a Homecoming edition that would still emphasize the multigenerational talent and impact of the Bison family; yet, there were more stories to be told, and more reporting to be done. In looking back at what all has been accomplished, developed, and adorned through the lens of your peers, an opportunity to inspire and advocate is presented. Not to mention, with the fall season officially coming to a close, it was a great gift on the holiday break!

Divided by its four sections, The MeccaMorphosis covers a range of content from homecoming and feature profiles to reviews and holiday specials. Our writers and photographers dove head first into the field to produce the quality content that best represented their recap of the semester; and we hope that you will enjoy reading this edition even half as much as we enjoyed curating it!

We thank you for your continued support for our publication and look forward to finding ourselves on your screens again. In the meantime, enjoy The MeccaMorphosis, and a have a very happy and safe holidays.

Editor-in-Chief: Jada Ingleton

Managing Editor: Darline Washington

Designed with 101 Magazine Creative Directors, as well as Imara Moore, Ayo Olagbaju, Mekala Seme, Ginger Mattison, Davis Dailey, and Mya Trujillo

Jada Ingleton

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