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The Great American Tragedy

Donald Trump had a hectic early week, from thinking the Kansas City Chiefs played for Kansas instead of Missouri, to being acquitted of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. 

The president used his State of the Union speech as a tool of propaganda to make his case for his re-election. Yet much like his impeachment trial, his speech was based on nothing more than “alternative facts.” 

One example was Trump’s statement that “we will always protect people with pre-existing conditions.” But the actions of this administration speak louder than the words of the president. The Trump administration has taken numerous steps since the beginning to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, which protected people with pre-existing conditions. 

His ability to embellish also came through when he said that he’d appointed a record 187 judges, but it doesn’t beat the record of Jimmy Carter who appointed 197 judges to the U.S. Court of Appeals. So, while it sounds like a triumph for conservatives, it isn’t all that amazing.

Just before his ensured acquittal, Trump used tokenism to its full extent. He awarded an African-American girl from Philadelphia a scholarship, which by itself sounds commendable. But in doing so, he degraded the public education system. Instead, the administration should begin to improve the public education system. 

Trump also gave conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor one can receive. This is the man who is quoted as saying, “ Look, let me put it to you this way: The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons.” 

The moment felt tacked on since Limbaugh was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It was as though the president said, “Let me give this to you as a parting gift.” Limbaugh now joins the likes of A. Philip Randolph, Aretha Franklin and Desmond Tutu as recipients of this honor. However, one of these is not like the others. Limbaugh has repeatedly made racist remarks and strokes the prejudiced ego of this country. The medal is now completely devoid of honor. 

After being acquitted in the middle of the week, Trump held what he called “a celebration” where he claimed that he had been treated unfairly. He spoke of the many investigations his administration has been through and said, “It was all bull—-.” 

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, had said she thought Trump learned his lesson. Yet the president’s gloating before and after his acquittal is evidence to the contrary. Trump has been emboldened, he will continue to sweet-talk foreign powers into favors. He will continue to show no regard for the proper statement or minorities. He will continue to  deceive and tell half-truths. 

The state of our democracy is in question, and justice that was once blind, is not muzzled and bound — to be freed at another time. In one week, Trump escaped just punishment, awarded racism and possiblyset the stage for another win in 2020. 

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