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101’s Homecoming Digital Edition

Happy Homecoming! Thank you for your support of student journalism and welcome to this exceptional edition of 101 Magazine. The staff and I have been working towards this release for weeks and we can’t wait for you to dive into this extraordinary body of work. An HBCU Homecoming is such an exciting time for all those participating, whether it’s your first time or 20th. A time of family, reuniting, celebration, and camaraderie. This is particularly the case for a Howard Homecoming.

After COVID-19 put the world on a full pause for 3 years, this year ushers in a new era, a new season of Homecoming festivities and ways of life. We’ve seen it through the first half of the semester, this Homecoming week, and we’ll continue to watch it closely throughout the rest of the school year. 

Homecoming was everything it has been revered to be, and we hope this edition will encapsulate the time we had and the talent this campus possesses. The tailgate, as usual, did not disappoint as it remains a favorite event for both alumni and current students. The fashion and step show showcased the unparalleled dedication and hard work of Howard students. And while many thought the lineup for Yardfest was a disappointment, we still made our own fun. And of course, uncommonly winning our game against Delaware State. 

The music, the drinks, the forever iconic outfits, and the vibe of U Street were unmatched, and so was Sunday brunch (for those able to secure a reservation). It may not have been the best yet; but, if Howard students, both past and present, do one thing it’s make do. And that’s exactly what we did. 

In this edition, look out for Afia Barrie’s retrospective about last year’s Blackburn takeover and Skylar Jennings’ Crime Alert: Safety at the Mecca. Two amazing and extremely relevant pieces in this Homecoming season and Howard history. 

See you next year, continue to stay safe, and stay tuned for all this publication will do next.

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