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The Faces Behind: Jermanie Byrd and Nnamdi Olebara

Alana Matthew | 101 Magazine

Byrd & Nam Enterprise is a real estate holding company established in November 2021. The co-owners are Howard alum Jermanie Byrd and current Howard student Nnamdi Olebara. They met on the track & field team in 2019. As the story goes for many Howard folks, these two knew they wanted to create something profitable and sustainable that could continue once they graduate. 

“One day we just found ourselves brainstorming on different ways we could make money and we knew real estate was the best option. We knew that real estate was one of the best channels to build generational wealth, which we lack a lot in our community.”

Byrd shared what the purpose of their business is and what they specifically do. 

“Real estate holding business is where we hold and sell commercial and residential real estate. We earn our money through leasing. We build up equity.”

Not many college students are interested in real estate, let alone know how to profit from it. Byrd and Nam shared a niche passion and understood through early conversations with each other that they had the potential to create something for themselves and their families.

“We got into real estate holding because it’s the perfect path to building generational wealth, long-term passive income. We both knew about real estate when we first met each other. A lot of people don’t understand it or the tax benefits. We wanted to start young to show others that it’s possible.” 

While the purpose of this company is real estate work, community service is important to both Jermanie and Nnamdi. This Thanksgiving, Byrd & Nam Enterprise helped organize a very successful food drive. 

Alana Matthew | 101 Magazine Thanksgiving Day Food Drive video shot by JAS. Via @bn.enterprise Instagram.

“We organized a Thanksgiving food drive on Thanksgiving Day at Franklin Park and we passed out over 150 food platters and beverages. Alongside other Howard student organizations, Basement Boys and Mecca Market were able to donate clothes. It was a great feeling to give back to the community and know we were feeding families. In the spring we will host financial literacy workshops on campus and collaborate with the Howard Real Estate club.”

Alana Matthew | 101 Magazine Post via @bn.enterprise on Instagram.

Along with important outreach, motivational quotes are posted daily on the Byrd & Nam Enterprise Instagram story to encourage their audience to stay focused on their goals. The company page is @bn.enterprise

Within the near future, Byrd & Nam Enterprise will continue to expand its clientele and portfolio of properties. 

“In the future, we plan on opening an investment firm/private equity firm. We will continue to purchase properties, fix and flips such as foreclosed homes that can be restored and put back on the market and multiple-family style homes. We want to purchase one to four properties a year. Within the next five years, we would like to have five to twelve properties in our portfolio. However real estate is a long-term investment and we have a lot of short-term goals to work on that will continue the longevity. We want to give young people another outlook at what they can do to earn money.”

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