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The Upcoming ‘Scandal’

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope confronts Columbus Short's character in the season premiere of "Scandal."
Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope confronts Columbus Short’s character in the season premiere of “Scandal.” Photo by Eric McCandless/ABC

With the season premiere of “Scandal” rapidly approaching on Oct. 3, viewers are anxious about what Olivia Pope will do next.

Jasmine Johnson describes the political drama as “a show that leaves you on the edge of the seat every night craving more.”

“You have a love-hate relationship with characters because of the great acting, and the show is so good you forget it’s not real,” Johnson said.

Lead actress Kerry Washington said that playing communications director Olivia Pope on the television series has prompted more interest into her own life.

“It’s in the same way that I don’t read my reviews,” Washington said in an interview with IMDb, the Internet Movie Database. “I try not to get involved in all that stuff, because what’s important to me is the work and however the work lives in the world is out of my control.”

Looking forward to the season premiere, fans are searching the web for sneak previews, spoilers and leaks about the first episode, titled “It’s Handled.” Avid viewers are anticipating what will become of Olivia Pope and Fitz, the fictional president of the United States. Pope is based somewhat off the life of former George Bush administration press aide and “fixer” Judy Smith, a co-executive producer for “Scandal.”

The award-winning series, which made its debut on April 5, 2012, airs on Thursday nights after “Grey’s Anatomy.” Both ABC series were created by Shonda Rhimes, whom President Obama recently appointed to the Kennedy Center’s board of trustees.


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