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Spooky Cocktails Right In Time for Halloween

For Halloween enthusiasts, no adult Halloween party is complete without eerie cocktails that wow and (hopefully) creep out their guests. Not for the faint-hearted, these five ghoulish cocktails will set the macabre mood with their frighteningly fun look and delicious taste.


Blood Orange Cocktail
Blood Orange Cocktail HGTV

Bloody Orange Cocktail

This orange-filled recipe from HGTV is not only delicious looking, but interactive for your guests! Pick up a few syringes from a party store, fill them with homemade or store-bought raspberry syrup and allow your guests to push the raspberry syrup (fashioned to look like blood) into the tangy drink. This syringe trick can also work for nearly any light-colored alcoholic beverage. Check out the recipe here!






Zombie Slime Cocktail
Zombie Slime Cocktail HGTV



Zombie Slim Shooters

It just isn’t Halloween without a little goo and gore- and this beverage fits the bill. Decorative and delicious, this vodka-schnapps-rum mix produces a bold green color. Pair that with the “blood slime” made from corn syrup and red food coloring, your guests will be sure enjoy the eerie beverage. Check out the recipe here!






Death and Stormy Death Punch
Dark and Stormy Death Punch Food&Wine


Dark and Stormy Death Punch

Food&Wine brings us this creepy rendition of the classic Dark and Stormy. The classic rum and ginger beer drink is paired with lychee icecubes and brandided cherries made to look like eyeballs. Although this drink is certainly for the more ambitious, it sure to be well-worth the time. Check out the recipe here!







Black Magic Cocktail
Black Magic Cocktail HGTV



Black Magic Cocktail

For a cocktail with a more magical feel to it, try putting together black vodka, triple sec and orange juice. The black vodka will sit over top the triple and orange juice, giving the drink a witch’s brew-feel. Tangy and mysterious, the drink will be sure to have your guests coming back for more- if they dare! Check out the recipe here.







Brain Hemorrhage Cocktail
Brain Hemorrhage Cocktail Sharon Chen


Brain Hemorrhage Cocktail

Perhaps the most gruesome of them all, the Brain hemorrhage cocktail is for your most daring guests. A mixture of peach or strawberry schnapps, Bailey’s Irish Cream or Amarula cream liquor and grenadine, the cocktail is mean to mimic the look of a brain hemorrhage (duh). Made carefully and correctly, you can show off your Halloween artistry. Check out the recipe here!

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