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D.C. Ward 2 ANC Meeting Talks Sanitation And Reconstruction for Residents And Business Owners

D.C. Ward 2 ANC Meeting Talks Sanitation And Reconstruction for Residents And Business Owners

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) meetings are hosted by local government councilmen through the District of Columbia Home Rule Act.

They held a meeting for Ward 2C, better known as Gallery Place or Chinatown, to address the large amount of food truck trash and the infamous rat infestation problem in the area.

Ward 2 Liaison, Richard Livingstone, who spoke on behalf of Mayor Muriel Bowser at the meeting on Nov. 13, 2017, had this to say about the rodent issue,

“Rats are a huge problem.”

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Directly acknowledging the issue, he came prepared to present solutions; Like heavily utilized and trashed alleys will be rebuilt to keep rodents out of buildings  and New trash compactors constructed to keep all kinds of animals out would be installed for business or resident use

The mayor will also be doing a monthly walk through for rat sightings to add to her “Rat Stat” data. People of the D.C. community are encouraged to call in rat sightings due to burrows being found thanks to the pervious calls.

Of the meager showing of about ten people were in attendance, only one was an actual resident of the ward. Resident, Howard Marks, raised the question of the food truck trash being the issue. To which Councilman Kevin Wilsey replied, “I agree, food trucks are an issue.”

The council has made an effort to promote proper trash disposal by placing numerous recycling pamphlets on a table before entering the meeting. On a positive note this has not stopped businesses from wanting to open in the area. Majority of this meeting attendees were business representatives or perspective owners that plan to launch a location within Gallery Place.

The council had a few concerns. Like those soothed by Circa restaurant, who presented a permit that allows them to play music until closing hours but their representatives ensured the council this establishment is “strictly a restaurant and does not turn into a dance club at night.”

Council members interacting with ANC meeting attendees.
Council members interacting with ANC meeting attendees. Michele Henix

Councilwoman Theresa Harrison agreed. Which raised more of the council’s concerns on how does the businesses plan on keeping their guest from loitering on the sidewalks to smoke cigarettes or wait for tables to be available.  The attendees and council members exchanged and gave suggestions for proper waiting areas.




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