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Without Black Creativity, Where Would We Be? 101 Magazine’s 2022 Black History Month Edition

Bria Scott | 101 Magazine Bria Scott, who grew up in Mobile, Alabama, is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism at Howard University.

SPRING. IS. HERE. and I am so excited to welcome you to the first Spring edition of 101 Magazine! The team and I have been working so hard to create a meaningful publication for you all, despite the circumstances of this year. For those of us that remember the pre-panorama (Pandemic, lol), spring always brings so much excitement. The freshman have their first Howard spring to look forward to, sophomores are going bigger than last year, juniors are just hanging on by a thread and seniors are crawling to the finish line. Regardless of the category, there is always something to look forward to, come warmer days. Another major moment to celebrate, um HELLO, Black History Month! The 101 team and I have gathered the best pieces to bring you all a special Black History Month edition. There are so many interesting pieces here, that I  am sure you will find the one just for you!

Here’s to another 101, and being extra Blackity, Black, Black, Black!

Editor-in-Chief Bria Scott

Designed With Creative Directors Essence Wiley, Kennedi Armour, and Nylah Lee

Bria Scott

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