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No iPhone 5, No Problem | Screenshot
With no announcement of the iPhone 5 at Apple’s Let’s Talk iPhone event less then a week ago, many people were disappointed with Apple. The Twitterverse and Blogesphere lit up with complaints that the 4S set to release, Friday, October 14th, wasn’t much different from Apple’s last installment of the iPhone.

Yet Apple’s website tells a different story. The new iPhone 4S is the biggest release by Apple so far. All pre-order stock are sold out and all three of the 4S carriers in the US reveal similar statistics. AT&T is the only carrier to have released their sale numbers so far, 200,000 pre-order sales were taken in just 12 short hours. Ethan Shibutani, was lucky enough to have pre-ordered his iPhone 4S.

“I wanted the A5 chip and the new camera, plus my iPhone 4 is selling on eBay for like $400 and the new one only cost me $299,” said the sophomore from Boston University. If you did not pre-order your iPhone 4S, your only hope is to grab a tent and head down to a local carrier or Apple store to wait. Happy camping.


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