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Must-See Documentaries for College Students

The Criterion Collection
The soup de jour of the independent film world, documentaries are a way of, well, documenting pretty much anything. Documentaries can answer questions about any genre, topic or time period, but they often don’t appeal to college students. So which of these films are relevant?

The Movie: Crap Shoot: The Documentary (2007)
The Question Answered: Why is it that a large majority of Hollywood films suck?
Who It’s For: Anybody who’s ever seen a movie.

The Movie: Waiting for Superman (2010)
The Question Answered: Were you failed by the American Public Education System? What can you do stop others from being failed?
Who It’s For: Future educators and future parents.

The Movie: The Thin Blue Line (1988)
The Question Answered: Do corrupt justice systems exist?
Who It’s For: Crime Buffs.

The Movie: The Corporation (2003)
The Question Answered: If corporations were people, would he… or she be more of a type A or a type B?
Who It’s For: Members of the white-collar workforce, aspiring psychologists and behaviorists.

The Movie: College Conspiracy (2011)
The Question Answered: Is this whole college thing really the way it appears?
Who It’s For: University students and high schools students planning to become university students.

The Movie: The Future of Food (2004)
The Question Answered: How “natural” is our food?
Who It’s For: Anyone concerned with ingesting “patented” tomatoes.

The Movie: Grey Gardens (1975)
The Question Answered: What is my life going to be like if I become extremely rich and become a hermit?
Who It’s For: Bohemians and bohemian-sympathizers.

The Movie: Restrepo (2010)
The Question Answered: What is life like for soldiers in Afghanistan?
Who It’s For: Anyone who’s ever been within three feet of a soldier.

The Movie: Bowling for Columbine (2004)
The Question Answered: What is the origin and the future of violence in America?
Who It’s For: Those who can’t decide if the gun came before the violence or vice versa.


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