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Save the Date: Ten Tips to Salvage Your Dating Style 

Rosalinda Randall

Ladies, you’ve picked out your outfit, ensured every hair was in place and sprayed your favorite fragrance.Fellas, your haircut is fresh, t-shirt is brand new and you’ve got on your “big boy” cologne tonight. Your date arrives, compliments you on how great you look, and you two are off to dinner and movie, dancing or ice skating. According to movies that is an accurate portrayal of the beginning of a date night, but does reality match up with these film expectations? Rosalinda Randall, an etiquette consultant, gave 101 Mag the heads up on how to master the art of dating for men and women.


In order to snag a second date you need to be just that–a gentleman. Randall gave away five tips to turn a slimy frog into Prince Charming:

1) When you arrive at her house, ringing the doorbell adds an element of charm.

Instead of impatiently blaring the horn at her from your car or sending a less than romantic “R u ready? I’m outside” text, getting out your car shows effort.

2) Opening the car door and doors to restaurants are also attractive traits. 

Chivalry may not be dead, but its certainly in critical condition. Be the one to stand out by doing something she may not be used to, she’ll rave to her gal pals about how polite you were.

3) While you two enjoy your date, speak to the help respectfully. 

Speaking nicely to the help  may give insight to your date that you pride yourself on respect. If you can show respect to people you have just encountered you will reassure her that you will respect the relationship.

4) Hygiene, hygiene and hygiene! 

Hygiene can be a deal breaker. Boys are allowed to slack in this department, but men should not. This doesn’t mean you should take as long as a woman to get ready, but a clean shaven, great-smelling guy will leave a positive impression.

5) Brushing up on your table manners wouldn’t hurt. 

Stereotypically, men are seen to eat as savages. Your manners should make her second guess that notion not make her feel like she has to correct her younger brother.Women want to feel like they have found the exception – don’t be the norm.


Men aren’t always responsible for some infamous date debacles. Not to fear, Rosalinda Randall came prepared to help the women clean up their dating faux pas.

1) Remove the feminist chip off your shoulder. 

As a defense mechanism, many women put a wall up. Try not to emasculate a man with the notion that you empower yourself so much that is no room for a man. Allow him to feel like he serves a purpose.

2) Leave the past in the past. 

Bringing baggage to a date will only result in a crash and burn. If you are still living in the past, chances are you will hold this new prospect to the standards of your old guy. This is a clean slate for the both of you. He shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of someone who came before him. A man doesn’t want to hear that all men are liars and cheaters, remember not every man has ulterior motives.

3) If you two are doing a dinner date, don’t order the most expensive meal just because he’s paying.

Sometimes, people can get carried away when given the opportunity of a free meal. Try not to order anything you wouldn’t if you were picking up the tab. This doesn’t mean order the cheapest salad and an ice water. One tip is to ask what he’s ordering and keep your meal within $5 of the price of his selection.

4) Not every date is chemistry-filled from the start. If you find yourself being bored, don’t let this read on your face.

If you were bored by yourself, you wouldn’t just wallow in your boredom, the circumstances shouldn’t change because you are on a date. Don’t rely on the guy to entertain you, take an active role in spicing up the date.

5) A lot of women complain about the guys they attract, but you need to ask yourself what message your outfit may be sending to attract the wrong men

As the saying goes “Carry yourself like a queen, and you’ll attract a king.” Wear something appropriate for the event that can flaunt your strengths while leaving something to the imagination.

With these ten dating etiquette tips, you’ll have your happily ever after for sure.


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