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NewsVision Captures Election Day Highlights

Howard University “NewsVision” journalists cover Election Day 2016 in the nation’s capital. The students worked on deadline on stories surrounding the historic 2016 presidential election, and then used their content to produce the newscast, which was recorded “as live.”

All stories are edited, produced, reported and directed by senior Media, Journalism and Film students in the “NewsVision” class with Professor Jennifer Thomas. More than 70 students took part in this year’s election coverage with Howard University News Service, doing online, broadcast, photography and social media.

Producer: Danielle Solomon | Director: Ashley Guster | Anchor: Danielle Ledbetter | Segment Reporter: Caché McClay | Teleprompter: Imani LaTortue | Floor Directors: McKenzie Marshall, Cassidy Sparks | Reporters: Miesha Miller, Brittany Webb | Executive Producer: Professor Jennifer Thomas | Engineering/Technical Advisor: Assistant Dean Nigel Martin

Click here to see the NewsVision newscast following President Obama’s commencement address at Howard University.


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