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Music Festival Safety Guide

With the world beginning to open up again after a rough couple of years, one of the things that teens and young adults are most excited about are music festivals. Festivals such as Coachella, Rolling Loud, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) and many more are opening their gates for fans to resume bonding over their shared appreciation for music. 

Concert lovers can trace the history of music festivals back to the 18th century. The Three Choirs Festival brought together songs from Rossini, Mozart, Beethoven and other classics to music enthusiasts in cathedrals. The festivals then evolved into a safe space for “hippies” in the ’60s to enjoy music from Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, B.B. King and more at Woodstock. Today, several different types of festivals cater to people and their music choices. 

Over time, music festivals have become their own culture based on the genre of artists in the lineup. Despite their many differences, the number one thing crucial for these festivals is safety. After ten deaths and hundreds of injuries at Astroworld, concert and festival safety is more important than ever. Here are some of the best ways to remain safe while enjoying the festival experience.

Do not take things from people you do not know.

While there are friendly people at music festivals who try to look out for others by handing them water bottles, food, gum etc., many individuals may not have your best interest at heart. Do not take anything from people you did not come to the festival with or you do not know. Before going to the festival, make a list of all the things you need and make sure you have plenty of it!

“I think of it like taking candy from a stranger. It’s one of the first things we learn as kids, and I do not think the lesson has changed just because it is a different setting or we are adults,” said Rolling Loud and Coachella attendee Kamarii Taylor.

Bring a fanny pack or utilize front pockets.

When you are in a crowd, it is easy for someone to remove something from your back pockets or inside your backpack. Carrying a fanny pack is a fantastic option because not only are they small and convenient, but you can also make sure they match your outfit! If your front pockets are large enough, you can also use them to store your valuables.  

Stay hydrated 

Seeing all of your favorite artists can make you forget to do one of the most essential things – drink water! It is very common for people to pass out at festivals simply because they are dehydrated. Alleviate that by purchasing a reusable water bottle or a fill-up water backpack. 

“I always have a hydration pack with me. It was not cheap, but it was a good investment because I go to a lot of festivals,” said Taylor.

Keep your friends close.

Music festivals are PACKED! One blink of an eye, and you can quickly lose your entire group. You can keep your group close by locking arms when walking through the crowd or establishing a secure meet-up spot. Some good meet-up spots are the front festival gates, landmarks such as statues, poles, water fountain, or a specific restroom. It is possible to remain close to your friends anywhere in the crowd, but staying toward the back is effective. That will also allow you to exit swiftly if there is an emergency.

“I got lost at a festival once and ended up away from my friends for hours. We didn’t have a meet-up spot that night, but we made sure to establish one every festival we went to after that,” Cameron Stevens, 21, said. 

Festival season is fun and exciting, but the best way to ensure the fun can continue is to remain safe. 

Sarah Jones-Smith

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