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Lil Yachty Pushes Boundaries Again

Lil Yachty all smiles at the MTV Video Music Awards. Courtesy of Shutterstock

Earlier this year, Lil Yachty resurfaced with his latest album “Let’s Start Here.” In previous years, the “One Night” rapper has been recognized for his unique approach to music, encapsulating different regional sounds in one project. 

His previous album “Michigan Boat Boy,” honored the distinct Michigan sound, featuring Detroit beats, producers, and artists such as Babyface Ray, Icewear Vezzo, Rio Da Yung OG, and more. 

Now, with his latest project, Yachty has created his own lane, ditching rap and taking on a more indie approach to make a captivating sound. While Yachty maintains his signature voice, he took a risk by switching up the flow and overall topics of his songs. With songs mimicking the sounds of the popular alternative group, Tame Impala, fans were delighted to experience the long-awaited album.

Twitter user @tunesintern stated that “Lil Yachty took a risk with this album and he did not miss.” In another tweet, @HipHopNumbers claimed that “Lil Yachty still got album of the year let’s be serious.” While not all fans were pleased with the new sound, the album has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and support from thousands. In fact, it appears that Lil Yachty was even surprised, taking the time to express his gratitude for the response to the album in this tweet

Despite Yachty’s secured spot in the industry, the musician continues to break barriers as his journey to explore different genres carries on.

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