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From Scraps to Treasures: Profile of Purpose


Wood pieces, orange peels and matchsticks. What’s the relevance of these objects? Sisters Yarminah and Yarminiah Rosa use these scraps to create signature pieces of jewelry such as earrings, rings and necklaces.

The Rosa sisters call their jewelry line Purpose to conceptualize great ideas expressed into works of art.

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Gorilla Earrings--Made entirely out of matchsticks
The birth of Purpose began about a year and a half ago while both sisters were on summer break in Miami.

“We didn’t know what we started, however we felt like we were doing something positive,” Yarminiah said proudly. “It was only right that we called it Purpose. We had positive ideas for creativity.”

Throughout the school year, Yarminiah had begun making jewelry, later combining the creativity of her older sister, Yarminah.

“That summer was a transitional summer for us, and it was a time for us to question what did we want to do; what in fact was our purpose?” Yarminiah explained.

With the beginning of a jewelry line in effect, ideas began to unravel. Yarminah and Yarminiah found themselves using objects other than standard metal or beaded pieces found in jewelry.

“Why don’t we use mango peels?” asked Yarminah, who studies dance and minors in art. Her suggestion for using mango peels ignited the idea to use other found objects such as matchsticks, teeth and pieces of egg carton.

“Purpose Rosa are handmade pieces, which is one thing that makes our work unique,” Yarminah said. “We try to do something that hasn’t been done; something that’s our personal taste.”

Their source of inspiration stems from numerous places: textures, colors, people and even family. “Being that our mother is super crafty and our grandmother was a seamstress, the artistic creativity trickles down to us,” Yarminiah explained.


Ring from the "Disturbia Collection"[courtesy of]
Composed of glass shards and hardware nails
“We get our inspiration from textures that go unnoticed and even found in everyday objects,” she said. “It could be from construction sites to trends in stores.”

Purpose started out as a small business, but the Rosa sisters are using every platform possible to expand their brand. They have a Twitter account, @Purpose Jewelry; a Tumblr site,, and their official site with an online site,

“We will continue to push our project,” Yarminiah declared with confidence. “No matter what country, people will begin to know Purpose.”

They also intend to expand their brand by two main ways: Selling their work in boutiques, preferably in New York City, and then traveling.

“The more we travel, the more our work goes with us,” Yarminiah said. “We started selling in Barcelona, Spain, and hope to have more boutiques in other countries.”

The sisters plan to release their collection every season and have been releasing new pieces depending on their location. They’ve most recently released the “Body Collection” for Spring 2012.

Prices for jewelry range from $15 to $50.

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