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Guy Codes: 5 Springtime Dos and Don’ts

Taylor Washington/101 Magazine
Students trade jeans for shorts temperatures hit the 90s.

Women are pulling out their wedge heels, maxi skirts and sundresses at colleges around the country as the warm weather makes its debut and temperatures soar as high as 90 degrees.  But not so fast, a group of guys warn.

These guys are taking a stand to help women with their dos and don’ts before its too late. Here are five tips from these “experts” at Howard University, named by Women’s Wear Daily as one of the most fashionable college campuses in the country.

1. Keep your undergarments under and concealed.

With hot weather comes the desire to bring out the sundresses and skirts — and the struggle to conceal undergarments. “Don’t wear granny panties with sundresses and leggings,” advises Shane Sumba, a senior majoring in public relations. Some great alternatives could include seamless underwear or thongs. Just make sure that lines are not visible. “It’s the little things that matter,” Sumba adds.

2. Everything isn’t for every body.

“Everything that’s tight ain’t right,” warns Patrick Johnson, a sophomore majoring in international business. As the weather increases, clothing decreases. Short and tight clothing becomes more dominant on campuses whether it is a tight skirt, dress or crop top. However, Johnson says, “not everything that everyone wears that is tight is fit for everyone.” Therefore, just because it comes in your size does not mean it should be worn. Take a double take in the mirror before you leave and make sure that it is relatively tasteful when it comes to your size, shape and structure.

3. You paid, so make sure your hair is laid.

“You gotta have those edges laid,” says Alan Bowie, a senior majoring in economics. When the heat takes over, it becomes difficult to manage our hairlines. However, Bowie suggests “sleeping with the silk pillow if you need to” or even “using olive oil and water to slick down edges.” Take a few minutes to smooth your edges before you leave the house, or keep some products with you. “It’s the garnish on the plate” that just might set off a completely bomb outfit.

4. Check your feet at the door.

As summer time approaches, sandals, heels and wedges replace boots and closed-toe shoes. That means an increased attention to feet. “Don’t walk outside with sandals if your heels are crusty,” says Jason Warren, a senior majoring in Spanish. Before stepping out the house, Warren suggests “getting a jar of Crisco or some Keri lotion or the multi-grain Aveeno.”

5. Get it right; get it tight.

Think twice about midriff shirts, crop tops and bandeau bras, Howard guys warn. “Don’t show your belly, if you have not been ‘shooting in the gym’ all winter,” says Derek Fitzgerald, a freshman majoring in biology. Beach rules apply at all times when it comes to your stomach. If your stomach isn’t beach ready, don’t bring it out to play.

Check out “America’s Best Dos and Don’ts” from Glamour magazine.


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