Your Break Between Classes
A World Within a Wardrobe

A World Within a Wardrobe

With empty pockets and busy schedules, many students aren’t always able to go shopping. Just as Lucy from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” entered a new world through a very unassuming wardrobe, so too can college students and penny pinchers of any age.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help students recreate their wardrobes and save a buck with items already in their closets:


Spice Up With Scarves

If you thought scarves were only worn to warm your neck in the winter or wrap your hair, then you’re missing another essential use — as a shirt. You can make your scarf into a fabulous piece of art in a ton of ways. Keep a few fundamentals in mind:




  • Use wide and long scarves to have more material to work with
  • Make sure the fabric is thick to avoid transparency
  • Remember that wide belts are your best friends.

Play With Patterns, Textures and Layers

The cotton sweater and leather skirt you never thought should go together? Do it. Shirts on shirts on shirts? Sure. Stripes and floral? Yes. But don’t get too excited. Vertical striped pants paired with a horizontal striped shirt might not work.



All Denim Everything

Mix and match your denim items, and create lots of new outfits!








Day to Night

Switching up accessories can effortlessly alter your look and take an outfit from day to night. Opt for heels and lavish jewelry that can be carried in your car or bag. Also, keep a cute clutch handy to flaunt at night, and let your hair down (if you can) to exude glamour.jbhhnhbkbhhbh


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