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Grammy Awards Shine With Robots, Acrobatics and I Dos

A black leather one-piece, men dressed as robots and an acrobatic routine were just some of the memorable scenes from the 56th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, which opened with Beyoncé and Jay Z performing their hit “Drunk in Love.”

Andrea Kozlovic aka @LockerRoom101 tweeted her reaction to Beyoncé’s performance:


The winners of the night were a variety of new and old, but breakout artist Macklemore and Ryan Lewis swept the rap categories and shocked many.

Daft Punk won Album of the Year and was also talk of the night for the duo’s  innovative choice in outfits. Social media suggested that they resembled storm troopers from the “Star Wars” saga with their covered façade, and Pharrell Williams spoke on their behalf.

Twenty performances filled the three-hour award ceremony  and rocked the room, from Pink’s acrobatic act to Kendrick Lamar’s white-themed collaboration with Imagine Dragons. A performance of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ hit “Same Love” and Madonna’s “Open Your Heart,” along with Mary Lambert and Queen Latifah, ended with the marriage of 34 couples.

Amid the shocking performances and whirlwind wins, the Grammys paid tribute to the Beatles’ 50th anniversary and those who have made history in music through a memorial reel

Host LL Cool J made light jokes and turned back the hands of time by singing lyrics to some of his hits, but nothing could stop the ongoing excitement for the winners.

Lorde, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and Daft Punk featuring Pharrell were the stars of the night and shined as they accepted their awards.

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards sparkled from start to finish and left viewers with more than enough to talk about.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (right to left) sweep Grammy Awards.
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (right to left) sweep Grammy Awards. Grammy Awards


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