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Dark lipsticks to match the fall season.
Dark lipsticks to match the fall season.

Fall is officially in full effect. It’s time to ditch the bright summery lipsticks and rock the subtle darker tones. Summer is the perfect time to wear bright oranges, reds, and pinks, but now that the fall season is here, it’s time to switch it up. The new season calls for plums, dark reds, nudes, and peaches. These deep autumn colors are not to be taken lightly; they are the cherry on top of a great fall outfit. What’s a pair of brown moccasin boots and sweater without a nude or peach lip to match? released a list of the best shades of rich reds, neutrals, and flirty berries this fall. The lipsticks were moderate to low pricing but all were equally vibrant. The most expensive lipstick mentioned was Tom Ford’s Negligee for $50. The average price of the lipsticks ranged from $7 to $40. This list also includes the hottest lipsticks on the runway this season.

A bomb nude lip is a tricky thing to achieve. Nudes come in many different shades and textures. Byride released an article that showed which nudes best match with specific skin tones. For example, women of color should pick a nude that’s lighter than their skin tone because it brightens up their face, according to celebrity make-up artist, Fiona Stiles.

“Nude lipstick is definitely a must have for any glam girl, it makes a statement subtly while still grabbing attention,” says celebrity stylist Sekayi Fernandes from Riverdale, GA, who is based in New York and Washington, D.C.

As winter makes its fast approach, now couldn’t be a better time for rocking a nude lip flawlessly. MAC and other makeup stations have technicians who can help assist with finding a great fall lips color. A great lip can complete your entire outfit effortlessly.

“When a woman looks good,” Fernandes said, “she feels good and a great lip makes a woman feel great!”

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