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We Meet Again, Sweater Weather

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, we would be remiss not to offer you some world-class fashion advice for the fall season. Check out some of these affordable and weather-ready outfits we’ve created with fall fashionistas in mind!


Fall Fashion 2015
Leanna Commins | 101 Magazine

Leather and Sweaters

Leather goes with autumn weather like bagels go with cream cheese (because food analogies are always in style). The thick material is perfect for the chilly temperature and blustering winds of fall. Plus, unlike other black material, black leather goes well with just about any fall color, including warm autumn browns- which is unavoidable for fashion lovers. Pair this look with black tights and you’re the perfect combination of cozy and chic. Outfit details

Total Creep Fall Fashion 2015
Leanna Commins | 101 Magazine

The Shorter the days, the Darker the Colors

The colder months are not complete without furry, fuzzy jackets that are both warm and fashionable. And they’re not just for over-the-top night-on-the-town looks; pair a furry jacket with a cool t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and you’ve toned down the look to chic and comfortable. Along with fuzzy jackets, colder weather ushers in the return of all-black-everything. Although many ascribe to the all-black-everything look year ‘round, fall and winter are kinder to darker colors. They won’t let you overheat in your black leather jacket or allow your dark purple lipstick to run off with sweat. The loving affair between dark colors and the colder seasons make fashion lovers everywhere swoon. Outfit details

Casual Fall 2015
Leanna Commins | 101 Magazine

Comfort Meets Fall Fashion

Not every day in fall requires knee-high boots and plum lipsticks; some days are meant for casual comfort. A heather gray jacket and a pair of white sneakers make comfort look effortlessly cool. Pair them with a white t-shirt, distressed jeans and a hat (because bad hair days happen in the fall too), and you’re in business for a comfy date with your boo or a casual brunch with friends. Outfit details

Leanna Commins

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