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Got Eem, Maury Povich Ending

Povich’s Tabloid Talk Show “Maury” Ends its 31-Year Run

“You are not the father!” A phrase that resonates with many across the region as “Maury” effortlessly brought tears, insanity, and utter joy to guests and audience members who anticipated the chaos that arose within each episode.

 After a 31-season run of revealing who is the father, and starting conversations on family, blood, and race “Maury” in America has come to an end. Povich concentrated on presumably poor/ black single mothers —screaming like a 3-year-old who had their beloved teddy bear stolen right in front of them after hearing, “You are not the father!” This questions an ongoing stereotype upon black men who don’t seem to be present in their child’s life. Many share the fact that black families are humiliating themselves as they’re labeled to be “ratchet” on air. “His show and others like it are really bad for society because they encourage class division and hatred towards and among the most disadvantaged, poor, or colored,”  

These shows let people that are feeling bad about their own lives to feel better because they can feel superior to the trailer trash, and the audience encourages the viewers to join in on the demonization. If this TV time was used on actual understanding of the social pressures that cause this behavior or these problems, we could collaborate on what to do about it, to affect it in a positive way.

As the syndicated talk show terminates, through the good and the bad, we sit and wonder what’s next for many families, who want to know who the father is. 

Alesha Carter

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