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Trans Activist and Content Creator Celebrates 365 Days of Girlhood with a Charity Variety Show

    Flyer for the special as seen on Mulvaney’s specially curated website. 

Actress, trans activist, and TikToker Dylan Mulvaney returns to the stage– for the first time in her correct gender –live from Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her public transition. Just in time for Women’s History Month, the triple-threat star finally settles into her womanhood.

Mulvaney started to chronicle her experience as a new trans femme by updating her, quickly growing, audience through the days of her transition ranging from facial feminization surgery to dating and more. Her “Days of Girlhood” series struck a nerve in the right wing, but mostly inspired members of the LGBTQIA+ community–young and old.  

The variety show features special guests and queer icons, such as actress Dominique Jackson (“Pose”); grooming expert and actor Jonathan Van Ness (“Queer Eye”); and singer and actress Reneé Rapp (“Mean Girls”). Additional guest appearances include state Sen. Sarah McBride of Delaware, the first openly trans state senator, as well as a brief pre-recorded cameo from actress Rachel Brosnahan (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”). One hundred percent of the profits are donated to the Trevor Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping queer youth fight suicide. 

Mulvaney’s opening number as seen in the live show, with two ASL interpreters on the lower corners of the screen. 

All of Mulvaney’s close friends and family were seated in the Rainbow Room, including her father, and all supporters were encouraged to watch the live streaming via the live event platform Stellar Tickets.

The show proceeds to take the form of a lot of the things we see from Mulvaney on Tiktok: her love for musical theater, all things girly and pink, and even a live version of “Dylan Does Dating” hosted by Van Ness. 

Mulvaney’s first dance with Bachelor #2 in the “Dylan Does Dating” segment, as seen in the live show, with two ASL interpreters on the lower corners of the screen.

Jammed with heart-warming speeches and skits, renditions and references to broadway classics, lots of tears, and a total of four gown changes, Mulvaney ushers in the night finally feeling comfortable with calling herself a woman, a point of contention that they’ve reflected on early in the series. 

“On day eight I talk about how I call myself a girl and not a woman because ‘woman’ felt so scary and powerful and like I wasn’t ready for that,” Mulvaney said. “Girlhood was something I hadn’t experienced growing up, so it felt kinda nice to live that for a second…I was so giddy to be building up this support for followers that were primarily women ready to see me as one from the get-go.”

While many fans wanted to watch Day 365 live, Stellar Tickets ultimately crashed and left several devices with an error message or a never-ending loading screen. The evening after the show premiered, fans were sent an email allowing them to view the show on-demand for 72 hours. 

“We were blown away by the incredible support for Dylan and The Trevor Project, and the resulting overload on our servers resulted in some patrons not being able to see the full performance yesterday evening,” Stellar Tickets penned in an email to ticket buyers, as obtained by 101 Magazine. “We apologize, and are excited for the opportunity to share the show with everyone on-demand!”

Mulvaney was made aware of this mishap and added in her Day 366 Tiktok,– posted 14 hours ago –, that fans would also be able to purchase tickets now, priced at $5, and watch the show if they missed the opportunity previously.

To watch the full 90-minute show, visit to purchase tickets–only available until March 17.

Editor’s Note: Dylan Mulvany is a trans woman that identifies with she/her and they/them pronouns; Those pronouns are used interchangeably throughout the article.

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