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Black Millennials of Washington, DC Uplift Their Community with Monthly Culture Events

Black Millennials of Washington, DC Uplift Their Community with Monthly Culture Events

Born within the early 1980s to 2001, these millennials started their own companies; Timeless & Co. clothing and Designer Roses visual artistry are two Washington, D.C.-based organizations who partnered to uplift the African American community and bring awareness to the obstacles in today’s society by hosting events filled with symbolic visual artwork, urban fashion and Black cultural based music.

Founders Moe Vaughn, 30, and Rik Holden, 27, host their events at Black owned venues The Carryout and Flea Market.

Holden said, “Our main mission is to bring a uplifting bonds and camaraderie experience to our community and give artist a platform to showcase their talents”.

On  Friday, Sept. 27, the duo hosted at The Carryout on Rhode Island Avenue NE in Washington, D.C. This time straying from their norm by having an Asian carryout-themed event to broaden the Black only culture-based events in the past. Playing on this theme the food sold was shrimp or chicken fried rice. The bar was open for patrons 21 and up, with a sponsorship by D’Usse. Vaughn sold his shirts that read, “we are one” in Chinese lettering.   

The monthly events consistently have different themes. One of them being the Coloring Ivy City event, which focused on the audience’s creativity by providing them with coloring pages of cartoons from the 1990s. The Art of the Trap event showcased paintings and photography based around the culture of rap music. Sunday Morning Cartoons is an event with a unique spin of serving cereal, donuts and bacon bars.

At the end of every event Vaughn passes three quotes onto his guest “persistence beats resistance every time”, “success to me is happiness”, “make sure everything you do is timeless”.

Tattoo artist Komrabai Kargo, 25, painted a portrait of Harriet Tubman on a $20 bill at Vaughn and Holden’s event Politics as Usual to display the perception his perception of American government corruption and devaluing of Blacks.

Instagram popular (51,600 followers) co-founder, Malik Jarrett, of clothing and accssories brand Eat (elevate at all times) commonly sells his merchandise at Timeless & Co./Designer Roses’ events. Jarrett promotes hard work versus laziness with self-created slogan “If you don’t eat you die in the street” which has become a popular D.C. Metropolitan phrase in the Black millennial community. Jarrett also volunteers at the Department of Parks and Recreation Man Power program, which shows the youth how Eat shirts are created with a heat press machines and then supplies those children with shirts. He is now working on expanding this brand into a non-profit.   

Timeless & Co. and Designer Roses also have created a subdivision within their organization that focuses on physically giving back to the community. Vaughn and Holden host an annual sock collection fundraiser that gives all donations to Sasha Bruce House.

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