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HU Speak Your Mind

Extra, extra read all about it! HUSpeakYoMind is an Instagram user that allows students to anonymously voice their opinions. The opinions are not just limited to Howard and its culture but far beyond. With 629 followers, the user updates the page daily with these various opinions. While some find the page entertaining, others think that it is “high school behavior”. A source states, “I think the page is childish. It reminds me of the apps After School or Ask. FM. I think it is sad that we are taking to social media with some of the issues posted on the page. I also think many different opinions should not have been posted as far as opinions on organizations here at Howard.” Another source states, “I feel like HU Speak Your Mind is middle school behavior and can sometimes hurt people’s reputations or give false narratives.”

After Springfest this year, covid cases spiked on campus. Allegedly, a student came forward about testing positive and still attended the concert during the week of events. They state, “I’m sorry but I had Covid and I went to the concert. I NEEDED lowkey case to see Moneybagg.” Many clapped back at the statement, one student said “ I really cannot process that girl ready to kill the population of Cramton Auditorium for MoneyBagg Yo.”

This is the second Instagram page as the first one was taken down due to violating the terms and conditions of the application. 

Braxton Babb

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